Why I Ride – Arlene Burnett (Regular Member)

Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad (BHVRS) “Why I Ride” series features BHVRS members and why they chose to become an EMT and volunteer.

Arlene Burnett, EMT, member since 1999

Why did you join the BHVRS?

I have worked in the medical field at Overlook Hospital for over 30 years and I have an interest in helping people. This was an opportunity for me to use that knowledge within my community. 

What would you say to someone who wants to join the BHVRS but is nervous?

Come and try it out. When you first join you are under no obligation to stay—you can see what the rescue squad is all about, meet people and make friends, get into the community, experience the calls that are involved, and have the fulfillment of knowing you are helping somebody. It is a very supportive environment and most people work through their fears very quickly once they get the training and support from other members.  

What has been your most memorable moment? 

We had a call that was toned out as a seizure but when we got there it was a heart attack. Fortunately, the people playing soccer saw this gentleman collapse and started CPR. Since they started CPR right away, we were able to successfully take over lifesaving care, transport the patient to the hospital, and he survived.