New Weekly Open House

Stop by for Coffee. Ask Questions. Meet the Officers. Tour the Ambulance.

Are you curious about the Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad (BHVRS)? Have you thought about joining but are concerned about the commitment? Are you unsure how you could fit one more thing into your busy week?

Our members felt the same way. Many of us have jobs, children, and some are even back in school. The BHVRS makes it easy to volunteer. Members have the option of riding at night or during the day—and you do not need to stay at the building when you are on shift.

Come stop by our open houses, every Tuesday night from 7-9pm at the Rescue Squad located at 378 Snyder Avenue. Ask our squad members anything you want to know! Learn about what it is like to be on the BHVRS and how it can fit into your hectic life. There is no obligation to sign up. 

“When I first joined I was worried about balancing the squad with a work-from-home job and little kids. But the BHVRS understood I was only able to give so much,” says squad member Carolyn Sayre, NREMT.

“When I am on shift I can still help my kids with their homework or sit down for a family meal. I can tell you that they have never remembered the bedtime story I missed when my pager went off or I had a training to attend. But they sure do remember,  “My mom is an EMT!”


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