Annual Installation and Awards Dinner

This weekend the squad had its annual Installation and Awards Dinner. We want to say a big thank you to last year’s officers for their hard work and dedication. We cannot wait to see what is in store for or new officers. 
Congratulations to the recipients of our Chief and President’s Awards!! Joe and Annette, we would not be the same squad without all of the time, effort, and dedication you give to us. Thank you for everything!

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Rest in Peace, Abbie.

This week we lost a beloved lifetime member. Abbie was a very dedicated member of the squad and we will miss her dearly. Thank you for your service, Abbie! Rest In Peace.



Winter Walk 2016

The squad had the best time at the Winter Walk last night! Thank you to all who put in so much time organizing such a fantastic event!! We are so proud to be a part of such an amazing community!! Happy holidays!



Motor Vehicle Accident

This morning, 961 responded the multi-car accident on Mountain Ave. We worked alongside New Providence FD and EMS, and Summit EMS. Our thoughts are with those injured in the accident and we hope they have quick recovery!


Cadet Blood Drive

Every year, the day after thanksgiving, our cadets and the Boy Scouts host a blood drive. This year the blood drive was very successful and the cadets had a great time helping the community! Thank you to everyone who came out and donated!!



Backpacks For Life & the BHVRS Cadets

The Berkeley Heights Volunteer Cadets have teamed up with Backpacks For Like, a non-profit organization that provides daily essentials to homeless veterans. The Cadets are looking for donations of toiletries that can be dropped off at any of the locations described in the flyer below. Also, a donation of $25 can send one full backpack to a homeless veteran in need. See flyer for more details. Thank you for your support!



Caring Contact

Every month, the squad focuses on a different aspect of our work for a training session. Usually, these trainings focus on a particular skill/ set of skills or type of call we may encounter, but this past month we focused on stress management and how to help each other out after a tough call. The Caring Contact recently started a class specifically for first responders and the BHVRS was the first squad to participate. They put on an excellent class and it was a great way to learn about helping each other when things get difficult and also helping our patients during some of the worst days of their lives. Thank you very much Caring Contact for teaching us about this incredibly important aspect of our job!


BHPD’s Trunk or Treat!

We had the best time at BHPD’s trunk or treat!! Everyone had amazing costumes on and we had so much fun spending time with the community! We hope everyone has a safe and happy halloween!!

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Thank you!

Two seventh graders from Columbia School met our crew at the squad with cookies and a very nice Thank You for your Service card. We want to extend a huge thank you to Victoria and Vivian, and their nanny Melanie for taking the time out of their day to come stop by and thank us for our service. We love serving our community and little things like this make it even more worthwhile!



Members Needed!

Our 1st lieutenant, Joe Plocinski, and a cadet member, Nicole Segalini, spoke at Westminster Presbyterian church about joining the squad and what it meant to them personally. We are always looking for more members, so if you have any interest please reach out for more information!